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Youth Exchange in Bulgaria 🇧🇬 - Diversity means Equality

Call for 5 Italian residents aged 18 -23 + 1 group leader (no age limit)

🇬🇧 About the project

The idea of the project is to to eliminate discriminatory stereotypes in society through intercultural youth dialogue, and further promoting non-discrimination in contemporary society.

During the youth exchange you will have the chance to discover:

- how to improve the level of awareness in the field of equality

- how to be active in non-discrimination promotion

- the ways of effective intercultural dialogue

- the types of discrimination

- how to create a project based on your knowledge

- the situation with discrimination in other countries

📌 Bansko, Bulgaria

📅 August 23 - August 30 2021 (22 August arrival day, 31 August departure day)

✈️ Travel Reimbursement: 240 EUR


  • To participate, membership in the association New Wellnesss Education - APS is required: 50 EUR (Insurance included)

Keep always in mind COVID-19 regulation.

You can find more information here COVID-19 REGULATION e HERE

Info-pack is available here:

For further info contact:


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