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Empowering Youth Worldwide offering 360° educational programs 


New Wellness Education - APS founded in January 2020  it is specialized in education of youth and training of professionals with the main focus on mental and physical well-being, fostering at same time the recognition and quality of youth work.

The organization, legally established in Lecce(Italy) with operative venues also in Cortemilia(Italy) operates through organizing educational programs and training at local, national and international level.

The educational programs and  training are targeted  to local and international youth, especially the ones facing facing difficulties in their lives.

As well, the education programs and training are targeted to local and international professionals that are willing to increase their competences.

The educational programs and trainings are set on several different topics, going from social inclusion to entrepreneurship keeping as main aim the raise of personal and social well-being.

All our programs are implemented using methods from the so called non-formal education, working on the recognition of such methodology, recognition of youth work and increasing its quality.

Our initiatives are mostly funded by public and private entities and programs, including Erasmus+, Garanzia Giovani, ESC, though we also offer open call programs for youth and professionals.

The organization also works with people in need offering support and consultancy to disadvantaged as well as events, workshops, campaigns in order to support local and international youth and adults in need.

Our Statute

Allievo d'aiuto

"The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn …and change."

Carl Rogers

Our Vision
Coach per il benessere

Our Vision

Promote wellness and well-being in each aspect of life through education and lifelong learning.

Stretching di gruppo

Our Mission

Provide educational opportunities to young and young professionals, supporting them in their process of growth, maximizing their psycho-physical well-being by offering learning opportunities connected to their educational and working environment having a positive impact reflected on their local communities.

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Our Balance Sheet for 2022:

Total revenue from public grants:  77304,61€

Total Expenditures for projects implementation: 50535,21€

Total Reserves for future project implementation: 26769,40€

Grants Received since 2020

  • Erasmus+  Project Number:  2020-1-IT03-KA105-018038

  • Erasmus+  Project Number:  2020-3-IT03-KA105-019927

  • ESC Project Number:  2020-3-IT03-ESC31-020319

  • ESC Quality Label Number:  2020-1-IT03-ESC52-020694

  • Erasmus+  Project Number:  IT03-KA210-YOU-000033909

  • Erasmus+  Project Number:  2021-1-IT03-KA153-YOU-000009078

  • Erasmus+  Project Number: 2021-1-IT03-KA210-YOU-000033909

  • Erasmus+  Project Number: 2023-1-IT03-KA152-YOU-000141421

  • Erasmus+  Project Number: 2023-1-IT03-ESC30-SOL-000134528

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