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Learn Well

Free Learning Opportunities Online and Offline
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Learn well is a project co-funded by ESC program under solidarity projects action (ESC 31) through Agenzia Nazionale per I Giovani.

The idea of the project has born during 2020 quarantine period and led to the creation of the Facebook community and group “Lear Well – Free Online Learning”.

The project aim to follow-up on what has been created during those months and it that community, offering learning opportunities free learning opportunities focused on well-being, keeping them accessible either online or offline, targeting this time Italian people.

Learn Well merges online and offline actions based on non-formal education and experiential learning through the Kolb Experiential Learning Cycle, in order to address a larger audience possible and give the opportunity to more youth to join the activities offered.

The main goal of the project is to offer a common space for learning based on self-care and well-being as ways to maximized common wellbeing.

It will consist in activities online and offline split in 12 macro areas based on 10 key topics such :

Self Space management, Time management, Nutrition, Creativity, Relationships, Body and Mind Care, Art&Culture, Learning to Learn

The activities are arranged in 4 monthly appointments scheduled once weekly basis.

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Learn Well - Team

Francesca Agnese
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Giorgia Foisor
Francesco Pipparelli
Marianna Greco
Gianmario Bonino
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Our Numbers

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Lear Well Booklet is one of the outputs of our project and contains pills of the whole work done during one year of activities. We aim with it to reach out a large number of youth, spreading it on the web and physically in local institutions all around the country.


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Last Events

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Tutti i video
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