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Learn Well

Free Learning Opportunities Online and Offline
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Learn well is a project co-funded by ESC program under solidarity projects action (ESC 31) through Agenzia Nazionale per I Giovani.

The idea of the project has born during 2020 quarantine period and led to the creation of the Facebook community and group “Lear Well – Free Online Learning”.

The project aim to follow-up on what has been created during those months and it that community, offering learning opportunities free learning opportunities focused on well-being, keeping them accessible either online or offline, targeting this time Italian people.

Learn Well merges online and offline actions based on non-formal education and experiential learning through the Kolb Experiential Learning Cycle, in order to address a larger audience possible and give the opportunity to more youth to join the activities offered.

The main goal of the project is to offer a common space for learning based on self-care and well-being as ways to maximized common wellbeing.

It will consist in activities online and offline split in 12 macro areas based on 10 key topics such :

Self Space management, Time management, Nutrition, Creativity, Relationships, Body and Mind Care, Art&Culture, Learning to Learn

The activities are arranged in 4 monthly appointments scheduled once weekly basis.

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Learn Well - Team

Francesca Agnese
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Giorgia Foisor
Francesco Pipparelli
Marianna Greco
Gianmario Bonino
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Upcoming Events

July 2021

Mostra d'arte

1August 2021


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1August 2021


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Moderna Work Space

24 August 2021

Live Event

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Radio show microphones

3August 2021


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