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The members of New Wellness Education are young professionals in different fields of education




Born in Lecce, Italy in 1989, started working with project management and education in 2014.

Since 2015 he is working as trainer and project manager in Erasmus+, youth mobility and non-formal education learning programs.

Antonio Greco. New Wellness Education  Founder and Educator 

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Born in Alba, Italy in 1990  got in contact with non-formal education and it's methods in 2015. Since then he is working as trainer, educator and project manager with a special focus on learning through body and movement combining them in programs in the field of coaching and bodywork and awareness.

Fabrizio Gallo, New Wellness Education  Founder and Educator 


Born in Lecce in 1990, lawyer specialized in international human rights, started operating in non profit environment in 2016 working with people and youth in need, providing specialized legal services and educational support.

Giulio Bray, New Wellness Education  Founder and Director


Born in Lecce in 1990, specialized in business management and control, started operating in non profit field in 2017 taking part in international mobility programs working with financial and accountancy consulting.

Daniele Totisco, New Wellness Education Founder and Finance Director

PR&Communication Team


Born in Seville in 1994, specialized in photography and visual arts. She began her photography studies in Malaga, where she discovered her interest in artistic photography.  Her university studies awakened her interest in social networks and she is currently working on the creation of communication strategies for her own personal project and for non-profit organizations.  

Maria Mercedes Moriana Regalado,

New Wellness Education PR Manager

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Learn Well Team

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Born in Ciriè, Italy in 1993, has a degree in Psychology, a master in NLP and a certificate as Mental Fitness trainer, she has been working in the field of personal development since 2017. Having participating in around 30 E+ international projects (training courses and youth exchanges), the developed her competence as a trainer and facilitator. She also works with groups as well as in private sessions as a coach.

Francesca Agnese, Learn Well Team

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Born in Turin, Italy in 1996, she’s attended many Youth Exchanges and training courses, both as participant and as leader and co-trainer.

Recently graduated in MD Food, Health and Environment (Biology) her aim is to go on with the studies to become a nutritionist specialized in plant based nutrition.
In 2017 she attended her first Hatha Yoga Teacher Training which led her to start teaching yoga and guiding courses to spread the wellbeing power of this ancient discipline among youth and adults and she is currently attending her second teacher training.
Passionate and devoted to well being from a 360° perspective, her mission is to unify modern scientific evidence-based knowledge related to PNEI and nutrition science together with ancient holistic wisdom deriving from Yoga and Ayurveda.

Giorgia Foisor, Learn Well Team

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Born in Città della Pieve, Italy, in 1997, freelancing social media strategist, project developer, and communication consultant, also active in the field of arts and inclusion on an international level as a workshop facilitator and as an artist (with experience in the European Union, in the Balkans, and in the MENA region).

Francesco Pipparelli, Learn Well Team

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Born in Lecce, Italy in 1993, has a degree in public and business communication and years of experience in working in companies specialized in self-development and self-wellbeing programs, she has successfully supported in the implemented of other local solidarity projects in the very first project round in Italy. She has also previous experience in finance managing and accountancy together with specific negotiation skills.

Marianna Greco, Learn Well Team