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3000 km Ride




Let's Cycle Together for Wellbeing!

The initiative has been created for  individual and social reasons.

We want to create something concrete to feel good and increase individual well-being, as well as to have a real impact and feedback on society.

At social level on the other hand there is the need to work, raise awareness and increase the physical and mental well-being of people, young people, an issue that was already important before the pandemic, which has become even more relevant now. 

The motto is: Let's do something together!

"Ride for well-being, yours and others, ride, take concrete action to promote this issue, donate, we don't want to talk only about well-being, but create it"

Support the initiative by:

- Joining the ride for a short while!
- Share pictures and videos of the ride with the hashtags #cycle4wellbeing and @newellnesseducation
- Donate on the fundraising (Donations are deductible!)
- Invite your friends to do the same!



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