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New Wellness Education is a branch of The New Wellness Academy specialized in education of youth and  professionals.

  The New Wellness Academy Group

The group The New Wellness Academy promotes wellness and well-being in each aspect of life through education, lifelong learning, body work, working environment conditions etc... Targeting through each branch a specific sector and customers.

Film Well promotes wellness and well-being through creation of digital contents, providing digital services for companies and  organizations.

New Wellness Education promotes wellness and well-being through education and lifelong learning, providing educational opportunities to young and young professionals

Work Well promotes wellness and well-being fin business environment, providing educational opportunities for companies and organisations.



New Wellness Education - APS

New Wellness Education - APS is part of The New Wellness Academy group specifically working with youth and professionals at local, national, international level, organizing educational programs, including Erasmus+, Garanzia Giovani, ESC and more.

Email: info@newellnesseducation.com

Phone: +393792178351

Address: Piazza S.Oronzo 44, 73100 Lecce Italy

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