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Figure it Out| Youth exchange

Call for 4 Italian residents aged 18 - 30 + 1 group leader (no age limit)

🇬🇧 About the project

What if we challenge the idea that hustle and hard work is the only way to achieve success? What if an inspired action is what it takes? It is fascinating how far you can get if you take inspired actions that are:

  • grounded in self-awareness of ones strengths, drivers, values

  • boosted with skills that support in taking initiative

  • supported with framework for development

With common vision for empowerment, the GOAL of this youth exchange is to foster inspired actions among youth.

The main topics of the exchange are:

  • Self-Awareness,

  • Outdoor Activities,

  • Entrepreneurship,

  • Project Management

Let nature guide you in discovering your Strengths, what inspires you and what drives you!

Expand your comfort zone by stretching it!

Grow and learn by challenging yourself! (~5 hour bike, outdoor activities, fieldtrip in city, workshop preparation, cooking together...)

And finally, it's a chance to create an epic festival-market!

📌 Kegums, Latvia

📅 04.06 to 14.06.2022 (including travel days)

✈️ Travel Reimbursement: 275 EUR


  • To participate, membership in the association New Wellnesss Education - APS is required: 50 EUR (Insurance included)

Keep always in mind COVID-19 regulation.

You can find more information here COVID-19 REGULATION e HERE

Info-pack is available here:

For further info contact:


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