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Handle with Care | Training Course

Call for 2 Italians 20 + years old

🇬🇧 About the project

There is an essential connection between body, art, community and nature that helps us self-regulate and re-energize in stressful situations, facilitating our personal and collective well-being. Passing through a variety of artistic and embodied methods, meditation, non-violent communication and group dynamics, this training offers you a safe space to slow down to feel, listen, process, release and express. With this framework, Handle with Care, focuses on addressing self-care on a personal, interpersonal and collective level, in the context of youth work, providing a holistic perception of human existence.

Our bodies hold the past and yet they shape the future.

🗓Date: September 05th - 12nd 2022

📍Place: Sanilles, Catalunya, Spain

💡Topics: self-care, embodiment, mindfulness, land art, expressive arts, sensory awareness


  • To participate, membership in the association New Wellness Education - APS is required: 50 EUR (Insurance included)

You can find more information about current COVID regulations here COVID-19 REGULATION and HERE

Info-pack is available here:

For further info contact:


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