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The Social Entrepreneurial Youth Worker Erasmus + Training Course

Call for 2 Italian residents aged 18 +

About the project

This training course is aimed for youth workers, who are working with young people. The main aim of this project is to educate youth workers in the field of entrepreneurship with a focus on SE.

We aim to equip the participants with knowledge of entrepreneurship that they would then pass on to youth.

We would also focus on SE so that with the information on SE and with knowledge and skills on entrepreneurship itself, these youth workers could open their own SE and/or help their organisation follow the SE path.

Through this project we will be giving competencies to youth workers on how to educate young people in starting a business.

One outcome is that once the knowledge is transferred from the youth workers to the youth, the youth will have better support system and guidance towards the right support needed to start up a business venture that has the possibility of growing more in the future and thus employing more people within the same society.

This will have a multiplying effect.

Furthermore, as the youth workers will be empowered and given skills on how to effectively open and run a business with a focus on SE, they will have all the knowledge to open a SE themselves, which will benefit them, and the whole community.

Also, these entrepreneurial skills that will be given to the youth workers, could be used by the youth workers themselves, in the running of their organisations...

⌚️ September 10-17, 2020

📌Zagreb, Croatia

Info-pack is available here:

To apply fill in the registration form here:

For further info contact:


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