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Ways of Seeing | Training Course

Call for 2 Italian Youth Workers aged 22 +

🇬🇧 About the project

The body as artistic territory - Art for social change

Ways of Seeing offers a multidimensional approach on diversity, regarding the way that we can inhabit our bodies.

The intersectional theory allows us to look at different axes of social exclusion, such as gender, race, and social class, and more recently functional status, age, sexual orientation and gender identity, ethnic origin and migration processes, as well as religious beliefs.

With this framework, “Ways of seeing'' focuses on how the body lives these different barriers and offers creative ways to express the needs for social justice and wellbeing.

🗓Date: 30 September - 9 October 2022 (including travel days)

📍Place: Sanilles, Catalunya, Spain

💡Topics: Arts, Embodiment and Intersectional approach for youth workers

✈️ Travel Reimbursement: 275 EUR


  • To participate, membership in the association New Wellness Education - APS is required: 50 EUR (Insurance included)

You can find more information about current COVID regulations here COVID-19 REGULATION and HERE

Info-pack is available here:

For further info contact:


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