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Yellow Submarine Training Course

About the project

💛 Conflict transformation & Community building

💫Yellow Submarine is a 10-day long submerged experience into embracing conflicts as a natural element of healthy communities and learning how to use them constructively to grow relationships and opportunities.

🐳 We will be 36 people invited to tap into the day-to-day life of Hopeland's community & conflict transformation processes through experiential learning, hands-on activities and an embodiment approach.

🌍 Where? Hopeland, Argos, Greece

📅 When? 28 May - 8 June 2023 (travel incl)

✈️Travel costs are reimbursed!

💶 Accommodation and food are covered by European Union!

🧳For people 20+ years old

🚶🏻With other youth workers, educators, trainers, and facilitators from Greece • Italy • Cyprus • Czech Republic • Hungary • Serbia • Slovenia • Latvia • Netherlands • Spain • Portugal

👀Conditions to Participate:

❗Inscription request is intended as complete only after receiving confirmation of your selection, filling out the form and paying the membership.

You can find more information about current COVID regulations here COVID-19 REGULATION and HERE

✏️Application form:

⌛️Deadline to Apply: 30 April 2023 (fitting candidates will be confirmed on the go)

🔸Available places - 3

🏠 The project is coordinated by Ελπιδοχώρι / Hopeland funded by Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

For further info contact:


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