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Updated: Feb 20

With our journey, we start from the desire to recenter our emotional and relational universe, with a focus on care; that's why we have questioned ourselves on how to live peer interactions in a more positive and conscious way. By introducing the R.E.A.L. project (Relationships Emotions Affection Languages) into schools, our goal is to reflect together with secondary school classes on emotions, communication, and how these influence interactions with others

We have therefore structured a series of three meetings in which we will first delve into the theme of emotions, inviting reflection upon oneself and one's feelings. One of the objectives of this initial meeting is to learn to recognize and name various emotions, capturing their nuances. We then explore the ways emotions are expressed and how they are experienced on a bodily level.

📍The project is powered by New Wellness Education and co-funded by Agenzia Italiana per la Gioventù, through the European Solidarity Corps programme


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