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How do you know what is REAL?

HI! We are Anna, Aurora, Cecilia, Irene, Fra and Irene and in the next few months we will tell you about the REAL project - Relationships Emotions Affectivity Languages. We live in Padua and we will bring workshops on the topic of emotions and relationships to the schools of the city. Every month we will tell you something about us and what we are doing!

The REAL project was in fact born from the desire to find strategies to reconnect and bring together secondary school students after the pandemic years, but not only. The reflection was born by asking ourselves how to overcome the preventative distancing mentality and establish new positive relationships being aware of everyone's well-being despite the difficult period we are experiencing, and by this we also mean the current situation of militarization and war. What kind of sociality do we want in the post-pandemic and warlike context? The response of our project starts from the desire to restore centrality to our emotional and relational universe, from a healing perspective.


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